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The subject of health issues surrounding Esports and video gaming in general is a serious and emotive subject. Tabloid headlines exclaiming the latest scandals and figures showing declining health including mental health are commonplace.

It is often not noted prominently that many surveys resulting in screaming tabloid headlines are conducted amongst low numbers of participants. Less than 200 in many cases. These statistics are unlikely to reveal a conclusive factual data set.

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Cross sectional health studies aimed at determining the difference in the size of an area of the human brain called the ventral striatum, known to be associated with reward and decision-making cannot establish causal effect and whether the brains of gamers were significantly different from non-gamers.

There are equally strong proclamations that gaming is highly beneficial in the development of young people, and that statements of doom should be dismissed.

We prefer to take a balanced view and apply large doses of common sense when it comes to the health of everyone involved in Esports and gaming.

We wholeheartedly support all of those organisers who take considerable effort to ensure safe gaming environments, and we continue to offer general guidelines for enjoyable experiences brought on by healthy pursuits and interests.

Our NHS service offers plenty of straight forward advice on how to participate in gaming and Esports in a safe and healthy manner, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basics.

Wikipedia tells us musculoskeletal issues, vision problems, epileptic seizures and obesity are just some of the problems that can be caused. And while there is no doubting this we must ensure everything possible is being done to inform and educate everyone to make esports safe and healthy.

This subject is a deep and interesting one that we take very seriously. We are currently involved in several far reaching health studies and will publish those findings as quickly as possible after they have been analysed and compiled.

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